Orders and Delivery

1.How long it usually takes to get my order processed?

An order usually can be processed in 1-5 minutes. For some special orders, we may need further call verification. So please make your phone available within 30 minutes after you place an order in case the call verification is needed. If you have any questions about the order verification, you can contact our Livechat Service.

2.Why do you need to call me sometimes before processing my order?

In order to confirm your order information is 100% correct, we need to make a confirmation

call with you sometimes before the delivery.

3.How long it usually takes to get the delivery after I make the payment?

Most orders can be delivered in 5-15 minutes. For some special orders, it may require extra verification which might cause a delay. If we need extra information from you, we will contact you by phone or email, and you can also contact us if you have any questions regarding your order.

4.How do you make the delivery if I buy the game currency on your site?

For the game currency, we usually deliver it to you by Mail System or face to face mode in game; you can contact our Livechat Service for more details about the delivery.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

You can buy OSRS Gold with Bitcoin, Paysafecard and Bank Transfer.

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